Even so with all this to experience some may wish to take life even easier and to cater for the lazy snorkeller, here at Hastings Reef Seastar has the comfortable, safe and dry Glass Bottom Boat.

As you cruise by, your skipper will be able to explain more about what is below and how the reef works. In the Glass Bottom Boat, you’re sitting nice and dry with your friends, chatting and just having a lot of fun, you may have even brought a drink with you.

A somewhat light hearted, relaxed and stress-free tour of this reef, you float over the coral, sometimes only 30cm/1 foot from the top of the reef.

However, as the boat begins to glide over the reef the very practical nature of this vessel becomes apparent, you’re still having fun but now there are many intriguing and fascinating corals and creatures to be seen, to all of which you have an excellent view! Take your camera!